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Art Galleries In Detroit

If you have never thought about visiting Detroit solely because you can’t find it on tourist destination listings, we think that you are mistaken. Yes, the latest news that come from Detroit speak about bankruptcy and problems but the city has so much to offer and you can enjoy such a great vacation there that it would be a pity to completely ignore it. Detroit is trying to recover after a tough period and The Heidelberg Project is a statement for this. The project involves a whole neighborhood in which all the abandoned houses have been turned into guerilla art installations. This demonstrates that Detroit loves art, beer, good food, old farmer’s markets, beautiful parks such as Belle Isle, which is basically Detroit’s Central Park and the list can continue. Speaking about art, the city hides a few truly amazing art galleries that deserve your entire attention. Detroit Artists Market, for example, is located right in the heart of the city’s art scene and it is the place where local artists can present and sell their works. The Museum of Contemporary Art is another ‘’must visit’’ in Detroit as this is a non-collective museum. What does this mean? It means that the museum intentionally does not have any permanent collections.
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